How to use this program for best results

How to Use this Program

The following program is instructed for those with a right scoliosis (thoracic or lumbar).  If you have a left scoliosis, reverse the instructions so that you emphasize lengthening the right side and strengthening the left side.  If you have a double curve, work on the side that seems most prominent, your primary curve.

Yoga Sequence for Scoliosis

The following program was designed for youth with scoliosis as it focuses on building body awareness and alignment with the need for only a few simple props including a strap or belt, chair, blanket and a wall.  Students are encouraged to practice one or two postures a day until they feel confident to move onto the next pose.  By the end, they have a repertoire of 12 postures they can practice daily or a couple of shorter sequences that they can do on alternate days.  The key concept woven throughout the sequence is that, at all times, movement occurs in two opposing directions.  In other words, there is always an “anchor” or grounding part of the body and another part that is reaching away.  This contradiction that exists in each yoga pose is what creates true length and change in structure.

You will need the following items for the practice:

  • A yoga strap, belt or scarf that is looped or tied shoulder width apart
  • A strong, stable chair with rounded edges
  • A blanket or towel
  • 2 yoga blocks or books
  • A wall
  • A yoga mat

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